DeChambeau Pulls Off Terrifying Trick Shot

Bryson DeChambeau is known for leaving no stone left unturned.

Whether it’s his single-length irons, putting side-saddle, practicing in the dark, putting with the flagstick in or spritzing his range balls with water before every shot, his yearning for complete understanding of the game is on-going. 

Yet, despite all of this research and trial and error, he seems to have accepted that perfection is not attainable. Case in point: his latest “trick” on the driving range. Practicing this week before the Arnold Palmer Invitational, DeChambeau showed off a new swing on the range.

Taking a full backswing, DeChambeau gets to impact at close to full force before abruptly stopping his swing and pulling up his club.

Perhaps this is Bryson’s way of practicing a shot when his ball comes up against a tree? But how can he accurately replicate what would be required to avoid injury and smashing his club into a tree? Enter a very trusting accomplice. 

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Adding a person to the mix, DeChambeau made sure that he wouldn’t be injured, although the same couldn’t be said for the accomplice.

Regardless, Bryson pulled off the shot, and threw his arm around his friend afterward as if to say, “see, I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

While there wasn’t anything to worry about this time, fellow PGA Tour pro Bubba Watson was on hand to watch the shot as well, and he had some questions about the legality of the shot.

“Is this legal @USGA? #Wow,” he wrote.

Should DeChambeau come up against any trees this week at Bay Hill, we already got a sneak peek of the shot he’ll likely use.