DeChambeau Questions New Rule Changes

The newly-enforced Modernized Rules of Golf have only been in effect for a few days, but their impact on players at the highest levels are causing more than a few of them to scratch their head in confusion.

And among those questioning the new implementations is the de facto poster boy for the new Rules of Golf, Bryson DeChambeau.

Making waves in recent weeks for his comments as it pertains to putting with the flagstick in, the visual of seeing someone tap in a 2-footer with the pin in the hole isn’t the biggest eyesore to the 4-time PGA Tour winner.

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“That you have to drop it from knee height is a bit absurd, unfortunately,” DeChambeau said, according to’s Rex Hoggard. “I think that you should be able to go from knee height to shoulder height. There should be no issue with that, whatever you want to do, honestly. There’s a lot of questions about that.”

DeChambeau also offered some skepticism with regard to the new provision that allows players to fix imperfections on the green, including spike marks.

“Spike marks, that’s always an interesting one, too,” he said. “I can see a lot of guys, when nobody’s really looking, tapping down some things and making a little depression so they can putt it through that area a little bit better.”

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Even the flagstick in the hole while putting change — which he has used to his benefit this week at the Sentry Tournament of Champions — is something DeChambeau predicted wouldn’t be long for the Tour.

“The USGA’s going to have to go back on that one. Like, ‘No! We made the hole bigger!’” DeChambeau said in November of 2018.