DeChambeau’s Incredibly Precise Practice Session

Bryson DeChambeau leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his preparation. He proved that once again on Tuesday at East Lake Golf Club ahead of this week’s season-ending Tour Championship.

On the range, reporter Sean Martin noticed DeChambeau’s setup looked peculiar even for him and tweeted out a photo and explanation of what was going on. 

DeChambeau had set up two different launch monitors, he was hitting fresh balls straight out of the box and he had a guy with a spray bottle “spritzing” the golf ball on the ground to simulate dew all in an effort to simulate how the ball would react and how far it would fly in different conditions. 

As Luke Kerr-Dineen of pointed out, DeChambeau gave a vague peek behind the curtain at what DeChambeau’s practice sessions entail earlier in the FedEx Cup Playoffs. 

“People don’t realize how hard I work to try and get a better understanding of my biomechanics,” DeChambeau said prior to The Northern Trust. “I’ve never really been super-talented; people would disagree with that, but I’ve always had to work twice as hard as everybody growing up.

“So for whatever reason, that dedication has allowed me to be more consistent. When you come and look at this, it’s nothing different than what I would do at home. I’m just a little different cat. That’s okay. I like that and appreciate that about myself and that I’m able to stay true to myself. There’s a lot of people that change out here sometimes, and that’s something that I appreciate is that I’ve got a lot of great people around me that allow me to be consistent with who I am, and just keep working hard. That’s just who I am.”

DeChambeau won’t have to worry about dew on his golf ball during the first round of the Tour Championship. He tees off alongside Justin Rose at 2 p.m. on Thursday.