Dufner’s ‘Dude Wipes’ Endorsement Is Perfect

Jason Dufner is one of the most relatable guys on the PGA Tour, and a new endorsement with a Chicago-based company is making that relatability even more apparent.

After spending most of 2018 without a major apparel sponsor, Dufner has teamed up with DUDE Products, the purveyors of the popular DUDE wipes, flushable wipes for adults. 

“It was pretty easy. They’re kind of a new company. Had a lot of growth over the last three or four years,” Dufner told on Thursday. “They were on Shark Tank. [Mark] Cuban invested in them, so it can’t be a bad thing. They had a little money they wanted to throw my way, and worked out good for them today with a good round.”

DUDE Wipes brand themselves with the slogan, “Meet butt hair’s worst enemy,” so you get the gist of the product. 

The company first appeared on the national stage with a successful pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank where billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, bought a 25% stake of the company for $300,000. 

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, DUDE Wipes has made a leap from on-the-go wipes to a full line up of men’s health products.