Pro Gets Shot Clock Violation Penalty at GolfSixes


No one can say the European Tour isn’t willing to think outside the box. This week, they are trying GolfSixes — a 32-man, 16-team contest that plays 6-hole matches of greensome (also known asPinehurst Alternate Shot) match play. They have also implemented a shot clock, which forces the players to keep a move on, a welcome change for golfers tired of slow play.

The American team of Paul Peterson and David Lipsky found out the hard way when the shot clock runs out what can happen. Peterson was dinged in his second match of the group stage, leading to a lost hole to Wales. The best part of the video is Peterson’s competitor, Bradley Dredge, noticing that Peterson was about to get hit with the penalty.

The Americans would eventually tie the match, but did not qualify through to the knockout stage.


So, what is GolfSixes exactly? It’s equal parts golf, soccer, basketball and rock concert. Here’s the description giving on

GolfSixes is the European Tour’s answer to the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic, which was met with rave reviews. While the PGA Tour’s foray into team golf was more traditional in nature, the GolfSixes has more of a sporting event feel with announcers, involved audiences and entrance announcements.

The whole thing is a bit reminiscent of a European soccer match. Keep up with the Euro Tour’s out-of-the-box thinking by following along on Twitter


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