European Tour’s Shocking Electric Chipping Contest

Golf and electricity seem like two things that shouldn’t go together. Look no further than lightning.

That didn’t stop some European Tour members from combining both into one hilarious exhibition during a Tuesday practice round at the Made In Denmark..and yes, that’s the full name of the event.

Euro Ryder Cup Captain Darren Clarke and Vice Captain Thomas Bjorn picked teams to square off in chipping contest with one catch: players were strapped to an electric current connected to the opposing captain’s remote control, giving them the ability to shock the opponent mid-swing.

Swedish golfer Joel Sjöholm was the first to give it a try and the results weren’t shocking.

“It was electrifying, literally,” Sjöholm said. “It was scary. You didn’t know when the shock was going to come — because you know Thomas. He’d probably do it in your swing. And he did. It was scary and painful at the same time, but fun. A lot of fun.”

When asked if what it’s like to play while being electrocuted Sjöholm responded, “Golf is hard enough. Electricity doesn’t help at all.”

Somewhere, the USGA is watching this video and thinking this is a good idea.



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