Fisher Ruins Great Round With Quintuple-Bogey 9

When you’re a professional golfer, there’s nowhere to hide. Unless you’re going to simply walk off the golf course — which is likely more trouble than it’s worth — you need to figure out a way to get the ball in the hole.

Typically you can see the blow-up holes coming. Maybe the score hadn’t shown it, but players know that smoke and mirrors cannot last forever. That was not the case with Fisher on Friday at the NedBank Challenge; quite the opposite, in fact.

Through 14 holes, Fisher had made one eagle, six birdies, no bogeys and sat at 9-under par for the tournament, just behind Sergio Garcia. However, the 15th hole would prove to be his undoing.

Yanking his tee shot left into the brush, Fisher needed three swings and two unplayable lie penalties to get back to the fairway. Adding insult to injury, the group behind Fisher hit into him as he prepared hit his shot for double bogey. 

Fisher found the putting surface, but still had work to do. His triple-bogey bid went trickling to an uneasy distance and you could guess what was going to happen with his comebacker for quadruple-bogey 8.

His quintuple-bogey dropped him to 3-under par for his round, which still would have been one of the better rounds of the day, but he bogeyed in, dropping to even par for the day and 1-under par for the tournament.

To his credit, Fisher made light of the situation on social media in the afterward, sharing a GIF that encapsulated his feelings.