Former Coach Glad Tiger’s Taking 2016 Off

Everybody has an opinion on Tiger Woods. “He’s never going to win again.” “He came back from surgery too early.” “2016 is a lost year.” “He’s done.” You’ve heard it all.

Then there are opinions with some credibility, like Sean Foley’s, for example. He’s one of the four men on this earth who can say they had the privilege of coaching the 79-time PGA Tour winner. In a recent interview with, Foley talks about how he’s happy Tiger decided to take 2016 off to rest since undergoing two back surgeries this past fall.

“I’m so glad to see that he hasn’t come back yet because he’s listening to his body, and he’s listening to himself,” Foley said. “This guy’s life since he was 10 years of age has been in front of the camera, and I think he’s earned the right to do what he’s done.”

He continued, “I think we’re more hurt not seeing our favorite player…but as his friend I’m happy for him that he’s at [son] Charlie’s tournament watching Charlie play the U.S. Kids and that he’s got this incredible love for his daughter Sam and they have a really beautiful connection. There’s more to life than winning a major, and I think at some point as you get older, you recognize that.”

Perspective like this is gold. Tiger is human, not a machine. We should respect his decision to listen to his 40-year-old body, as opposed to thinking like someone half their age. If there ever is a comeback story, we’ll all look back on 2016 and collectively say, “that was worth it.”



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