Homeless Man Sells Pro’s Stolen Clubs To Fan

Cody Blick’s long and winding road to the Tour took another crazy turn this week as the Tour pro who gained notoriety last month for firing a final-round 63 with borrowed clubs was finally reunited with his stolen set thanks to a homeless man, an Arizona woman and Blick’s college roommate.

Pro Has Clubs Stolen, Shoots 63 To Earn Tour Card

The Cliff’s Notes version of the backstory goes like this: Blick was in position to earn his Tour card at Q-School in December, however, the morning of the final round, Blick’s clubs were stolen from the rental house in which he was staying. Despite efforts to recover the clubs, Blick had to play one of the biggest rounds of his life with a makeshift set of clubs. Blick went on to shoot a scorching 9-under par 63 to earn his status on the PGA Tour’s developmental circuit.

Fast forward a few weeks and a chance encounter between an Arizona woman and a homeless man put a series of events into action that would ultimately reunite Blick with his stolen set of clubs.

According to Blick via, the Arizona woman was offered the set of clubs for $75. She purchased them, and seeing Blick’s name embroidered on the bag, Googled him and then got in contact with Blick’s family to offer to sell the clubs back to the pro.

Blick received a text message from his mother on New Year’s Day saying the clubs had been found were able to be bought back from the Arizona woman who found them for $300 given the poor shape the clubs and bag appeared to be in in the pictures he saw.

Despite the finding and purchasing of the clubs, Blick still needed a way to get the clubs from the woman in Arizona to him in California. 

As fate would have it, Blick’s college roommate, fellow former San Jose State golfer Taylor Bromley was in the region visiting his parents. Blick Venmo’d Bromley the $300 and Bromley took care of the in-person transaction.  

“It’s nice to have them back, that’s for sure,” Blick said. “I spent an hour disinfecting everything. They’re OK, they look alright.”

Having already been fitted for a new set of clubs ahead of the Tour season, which kicks off next week in the Bahamas, Blick is sticking with his new set with the possible exception of one club: the putter he’s been using since 2010.

“I’ve got a couple days to figure it out. I want to take it to Scotty Cameron to check on the loft and alignment,” Blick said. “But I’ve been using it this morning and it feels pretty good, so fingers crossed.”