How Do You Stack Up Against The Pros?

Every week, whether you’re watching the PGA Tour, the Tour or the LPGA Tour on television, you’re likely to see some graphics that are meant to give you some more insight into the shots the best players on the planet are playing. 

As it pertains to Toptracer specifically, the breakthrough technology that shows fans the ball flight of the golf ball in real time, the colored line that follows the ball’s flight is typically accompanied by numbers and metrics that you may or may not be familiar with.

Trackman, the radar-based launch monitor, shared some averages from the PGA and LPGA Tours recently that will help amateur golfers to get a better understanding of where they stand given some of their typical shot outputs.

While you may not have access to a Trackman or other top-tier launch monitor, you can at least get a baseline on what the pros are looking at so you can become a more informed golfer and fan.

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For most golfers, getting to PGA Tour numbers is a pipe dream, but the LPGA Tour averages are much more relatable to the average golfer. 

To get a little more into the weeds on all the numbers Trackman spits out, Kyle Morris from The Golf Room in Dublin, Ohio shared a quick rundown of what the numbers mean and how those using Trackman are able to process and decipher the information to make changes and get the best results.