Chamblee Rips Poulter: He “Did Not Play to Win”


There’s something about two ego driven professionals passive aggressively going toe-to-toe against each other for the world to see live on TV and Twitter! Lucky for us, we were treated to a heavy bout between Brandel Chamblee and Ian Poulter on Sunday night after the Players Championship, where Poulter finished in a tie for second, three strokes behind the winner Si Woo Kim.

Brandel took the first shot live on Golf Central following the conclusion of the tournament calling out Poulter for essentially playing for second noting a poor wedge shot on 16 and playing it safe on the island green 17th. Not to mention the “nightmare shank,” as Poulter called it, that he hit on 18.

“Money matters, world ranking points matter, and I get it,” Chamblee said. “I have hit that shot [on 17]. I have done that. I have done exactly what Ian Poulter did. No one is ever going to call me a good player. We reserve the right to call great players and great shots. This is why we don’t laud [Poulter’s shot]. We laud the shot David Duval hit, the shots that Tiger Woods hit. That’s why we laud those, that’s why we stand up and go ‘Well done, great shot.’ [Poulter’s shot], was not that.” 


Naturally, the fiery Englishman took offense and responded with this:

And then was quick to point out that Brandel blocked him on Twitter, preventing him from viewing his posts.

That’s when Chamblee clarified the situation with a slightly more professional tone.

All in all, it was a pretty good week for Poulter considering he thought he lost his Tour card, then realized he got it back due to an oversight. The runner-up finish earned him $924K and basically locks up his card for the 2017-2018 season. As for Brandel, his hair continues to be one of his greatest assets.

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