Illinois Man Pays $50,000 To Caddie For Tiger

When you’re Tiger Woods, people pay $50,000 to work for you. 

On Wednesday at the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods’ regular caddie, Joe LaCava was merely an interested spectator as his man went around Albany Golf Course with someone carrying his bag who could have been mistaken for LaCava.

Jim Williams, the 53-year-old President of KSA Lighting and Controls in St. Charles, Illinois, bid $50,000 to caddie for Woods during May’s Tiger Jam event in Las Vegas, with the money going to Woods’ TGR Foundation.

Tiger Caddie Experience Auctions For $50,000

“The irony to this is my buddies back home all said, ‘You don’t even carry your own bag from the car to the bag drop. How are you going to do it?” Williams told “Everybody back home bet I wouldn’t make it nine holes. I was determined to show them.”

Williams made it all 18 holes and said that he got even more out of the experience than he expected.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Williams said. “Tiger’s been great. He’s been a lot of fun. Very easy to talk to. Talked about golf, kids, family, everything. Better than I expected.”

“He did a great job, and the main thing is he kept up,” Tiger said.

“He’s a regular guy,” Williams said of Woods. “He talked about how difficult it is to go out in public, things like that. But he’s just like us. He gets tired, he needs time away. The foundation is a great cause and it’s been a great experience.”

After the round was over, Williams chalked it up to a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Unless I bid on it next year,” he said.