Nicklaus: Tiger Has “Life Problems” Right Now


The man who Tiger Woods has spent his whole life chasing down is now skeptical he’ll ever return to the golf course. Of course, that man is none other than the legendary Jack Nicklaus. On Tuesday at a charity event in Virginia, the Golden Bear shared his thoughts on Woods’ recent troubles. Golf aside, he just wants the 14-time major champion to get better. 

“He’ll have a very hard time. I don’t know whether Tiger will play much golf anymore,” said Nicklaus, according to USA Today.

“He might come back and play — I think it’d be pretty tough for him, after getting fused, and as many problems as he’s had recently. … His problems are more life problems than they are golf problems right now.”


While playing golf competitively is still up in the air, Nicklaus is certain there’s one thing Tiger can do regardless, and that is to give back to the game that gave so much to him. 

“Whether he plays golf or not, I think he’s got an awful lot to offer the youth of the country and the game itself,” said Nicklaus.

“I hope he gets his life straightened out with the problems he’s had and be able to lead a normal life, but also use what he has done and his legacy to help a lot of kids and a lot of other people.”

[USA Today]


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