James Hahn Has The Best Swing Thought Ever

Okay, so you might not be James Hahn, the 65th best golfer in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t will yourself into believing that you’re the best player in your foursome every time you tee it up. For as technical and complicated golf can be, in the end, the mental side of the game is the biggest hurdle people need to get over.

Whether it be getting uncomfortable by scoring well and trying to continue pushish your score lower or writing off a bad shot as your perceived lack of ability, belief and confidence is the biggest indicator of total score, not the new set of clubs in your bag. This thinking goes hand-in-hand with PGA Tour statistician Rich Hunt’s “skateboarder mentality” theory.

You may not be able to quantify confidence, but you definitely can see it when someone has it. 




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