Jason Day Implodes, Makes Quadruple Bogey


No body ever said golf was supposed to be easy. Jason Day proved that very notion on Saturday at the PGA Championship when he limped into the house with a quadruple bogey eight on Quail Hollow’s difficult par-4 18th hole.

It was the 2015 PGA Champion’s decision making that sent him tumbling down the leaderboard that left everybody watching scratching their heads. 

First, Day missed the fairway wayward to the right and his ball came to rest in the pine straw behind a tree. Most folks would have taken their medicine by punching out with the hopes of saving at least a bogey. Not Day.

After assessing his options, he decided that he was going to try the hero shot by playing a hard hook around the tree with the intention of advancing it toward the green. The issue was there was literally no bailout. Plus, even if he did pull it off, saving par was no guarantee. 

“There’s nothing but trees and concrete,” CBS on-course reporter Peter Kostis said. “I don’t know what he’s looking at.”

Right on cue, Day went for it and as expected, it did not work out well. The ball ended up in a bush from which he needed to take a unplayable lie from.

After the drop and incurring a one-stroke penalty, Day hacked his ball over the bushes, but it stayed in the deep rough. 


Then he chopped his fifth shot out short of the green, knocked the next one on, and lipped out his putt for triple bogey. Finally, he tapped in for the snowman essentially ended his chances this week. 

Day, who ended up shooting a 6-over 77, declined to talk to the media after the round, but Kostis attempted to explain what may have prompted such a decision.

“Frustration and fatigue can make for strange decisions,” Kostis said live on air.


— — —

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