John Daly Tells Hilarious Tiger Story

Some of the best things that come out of a life in golf are the stories you pick up along the way. And when you get someone like John Daly, whose talent and popularity have taken him all around the globe, talking about his experiences with some of the most famous athletes in the world, it’s must-see entertainment.

Speaking at a Thuzio event earlier this month, Daly recounted a story from the 2004 Target World Challenge, Tiger Woods’ tournament that now falls under the sponsorship of Hero MotorCorp, in which he and some sponsors were sharing a drink in the clubhouse when Woods walked by and Daly ask Tiger to join them for a cocktail or two.

Whether or not the truth of the story has been stretched a bit over the years is neither here nor there (although records show Woods beat Daly by six strokes in the first round en route to a two-shot victory over Padraig Harrington), the punch line remains true, which Daly has repeated verbatim in multiple interviews in the years since.  

The entire clip of Daly’s answer to questions about Woods from the event can be seen below. And it should come as no surprise with Big John, but there is some adult language interspersed.