Spieth: “I Am Capable of Hitting Worse Shots”


Even the best players in the world have excuses for bad shots. The only difference is they don’t need to use them as nearly as often as you do. On Wednesday, Jordan Spieth attempted to explain how his now-infamous drive on the 13th hole at Royal Birkdale on Sunday wasn’t that far off line on his way to claiming his first Claret Jug.

“The one on 13, I’ll say it now because on the coverage it was quoted as being 100 yards right. It was not 100 yards right because our fairway is the right rough on that hole,” Spieth said. “So essentially you try to hit the right rough.”

He went on to explain that the rain dictated the shot type he selected since he knew a cut would work better given the fact water on the club face of a driver tends to send the ball more to the right. However, he left the face wide open and the result was a hearty “fore right!”


“I missed my ‘right side of the fairway’ by 20 yards-ish and it hit a guy in the head and then went over the next mound. So essentially it was 20 yards offline,” Spieth said. “I hit balls further offline than that on a regular basis, but where it ended up and what it looked like compared to the fairway for viewership was way offline.

“It really wasn’t that bad. I mean, it wasn’t a good shot. It was a foul ball to the right, but I need to back myself up here in saying that I’m capable of hitting worse shots than that.”

Spieth also said he received some congratulatory texts and messages after the win, but the one that stood out was from former U.S. President George W. Bush.


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