Kessler Berates Chamblee On Social Media

After firing back at a sea of online commenters last week, former Golf Channel host Peter Kessler has taken aim at a man currently in one of the golf network’s biggest chairs.

Chamblee drew the ire of Kessler on Saturday with a tweet that shared the correlation between distance and the scoring average on the PGA Tour over the last four decades, arguing that “the most challenging aspect of golf is eroding, and that erosion needs to stop.”

PGA Tour player Zac Blair entered the fray first making an argument that he would like to see players hitting longer irons into par-4s and have par-5s play more like par-5s. Chamblee’s response was that it was nostalgic and not at all reasonable to expect that to happen given the advances in technology. 

That’s when Kessler entered the fray, guns blazing.

Chamblee didn’t take the bait, instead responding to other commenters about “The Golden Age” of golf course architecture. 

Kessler then took another swipe.

Chamblee again decided to leave Kessler to his own devices and didn’t engage him. However, on Sunday evening after news of Kessler’s words began to make headlines, Chamblee did offer a parting shot.