Kisner Slammed For Insensitive COVID-19 Tweet

Popular PGA Tour pro Kevin Kisner may have gotten a little less popular with some former fans after a poor choice to send an insensitive response to former University of Kentucky basketball standout Rex Chapman.

Chapman, who has had some well-known personal struggles in his post-playing days, has a new-found popularity as a social media influencer, and when he tweeted out his frustrations with the ongoing pandemic and how its impacted some people close to him, Kisner was among those who added a comment in response.

“My friends’ parents have died from COVID and COVID-related issues,” Chapman wrote. “My parents are in and out of the hospital. One of my kids tested positive for COVID today. Forgive me if I’m upset over 200,000 dead when the President told us 6-months ago we would be down to 0 cases in a few days.'”

Given the nature of social media and by virtue of Chapman boasting nearly one million followers, every one of his tweets received hundreds of responses, but one in particular caught the eye of the golf world.

“Guess they can’t follow the guidelines,” Kisner wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The backlash was harsh and immediate. Kisner pulled down the offending tweet and authored an apology that didn’t go over well with Chapman initially.

“Earlier this morning, I made a reckless comment,” Kisner wrote. “I diminished the real experience of pain and loss suffered by many during the pandemic. I am not without empathy, but I certainly exercised poor judgment. I apologize to Rex Chapman and anyone else that was hurt by my comment.”

“Not accepted,” Chapman responded. “Done with people like you. We all are.”

Thankfully, there is somewhat of a happy ending to this whole ordeal. Mutual friends of the two SEC alums were able to connect the pair via FaceTime where they were able to patch things up.

“Kevin Kisner and I spoke via FaceTime last night,” Chapman tweeted on Sunday. “He’s a great athlete and pro who has worked diligently to get where he is. Several common friends helped bridge the gap. These are weird times for all of us. Scary, stressful times. Life’s a team game. Moving forward.”