Na Shuts Up Critic Over $300k Putt


Kevin Na has received (and earned) his fair share of criticism over the years, but to his credit, he’s always been open and honest when talking about his struggles.


An admittedly deliberate player, Na has faced his issues head on — which included struggling with a version of yips — and done his best to get more efficient with his routine and playing style. However, fairly or unfairly, Na will always be seen through the lens of a slow player.

That reputation has led to boisterous criticism over the years, most recently coming from legendary English cricketer Kevin Pietersen. Pietersen took to social media last week to bash the 14-year PGA Tour veteran

To Na’s credit, he didn’t take the jab lying down. Na posted to Instagram a fiery rebuttal essentially putting a bow on the entire topic.


@kp24 lets get some facts straight. Shot tracker shows what u call “tap in” 3ft 4in. Since when is 3’4’’ on green speed 12 a “tap in.” FYI 1 shot for me on Sunday was 300k. Difference between T2 and T4. Yes, I did back off because the line didn’t feel right. So what! BTW that was the only putt I backed off all day. Also our group was on pace all day! We waited if anything. @pgatour @golfdigest @golf_com @golfchannel #getyourfactstraight #sticktoyourownsport #everyshotcounts

We’re giving this round to Kevin Na.


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