Koepka “Clowns” Chamblee Over Tiger Comments

Brandel Chamblee and Brooks Koepka have an interesting relationship in that they virtually have no personal relationship at all, yet seem to find themselves in the same sentences quite often.

Chamblee, the out-spoken Golf Channel analyst and former PGA Tour winner, often opines on Koepka in an unflattering light, while Koepka, the winner of three major championships in the last three years, uses Chamblee’s words as motivation.

The two found themselves involved in another debate this week despite Koepka’s name not being brought up, which turned out to be the problem.

Talking with Jaime Diaz on their Masters recap podcast, Chamblee was asked if Woods at his best is still the best player in the world, regardless of what the world rankings would say on the subject.

“In the aggregate, you’d have Dustin and Rory who are the likely two who could hang with him,” Chamblee said. “Jon Rahm’s still got a lot to learn. His iron play’s not as sharp as it needs to be to be the best player in the world, and it forces him to have to pitch the ball…his pitching, generally speaking, is not as good as it needs to be. And Spieth’s game has fallen off. So it’s really only two players who could challenge him.

“Irrespective of the world rankings, I think all of us know what we need to know without the world rankings telling us, and it’s Rory and it’s Dustin Johnson and it’s Tiger Woods, but Tiger’s simply not going to play enough to get the points that he needs to get.”

While Johnson and McIlroy have long been in the conversation for whose “A” game is the best, Koepka absence in the conversation did not go unnoticed by Team BK. 

Koepka’s social media accounts, which are largely made up of corporate endorsements and well-manicured statements posted a picture in response to’s tweet of the story of Chamblee with a clown nose, making their feelings on the opinion clear.

This is just the latest in a line of Chamblee and Koepka topics, which include the analyst calling Koepka’s decision to lose weight “the most reckless self-sabotage of an athlete” that he had seen and he questioned whether or not Koepka possessed the toughness to win the first major of 2019.

And those are only the dustups from Masters week last month.