Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers – Episode 16 – Peter & Gary Talk Jon Rahm Joining LIV Golf & David Feherty Storytime

Iconic golf personalities Peter Kostis and Gary McCord host a new, video podcast, Kostis & McCord “Off Their Rockers.”

The two former broadcast partners have teamed up once again, this time to provide commentary, interviews, entertainment and swing help for golfers of all levels on their weekly show.

With the world of golf in total chaos with the announcement that their buddy and fellow member of Whisper Rock in Scottsdale Jon Rahm is leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, Peter and Gary break it down for us. They give us their inimitable takes on what this means for the PGA Tour, what’s going to happen with LIV Golf and some predictions for the future!

Peter gives us a great Coach Kostis lesson to help us with our swing path, not plane. And finally, the guys share another never-before-told story about David Feherty’s run-in with poison oak while biking in Hilton Head!