Leishman Gets Asked Bizarre Question

Marc Leishman returns to the BMW Championship this week as the defending champion. As such, he entered the media center on Wednesday to answer questions that ranged from his game coming into the event and playing with Tiger Woods often recently to whether or not he has thought about taking a more scientific approach given the success Bryson DeChambeau has had recently. 

“I think as far as his clubs go, the one length, I’m not going to say I didn’t think about it after he won last week, two times in a row,” Leishman said. “It just gets you thinking, how far would your clubs go, how would it feel pitching with a 7-iron length lob wedge?

“Yeah, I definitely thought about it. It’s not something I’ll do mid-season, but as far as all of the other stuff that he does, my head would definitely explode if I did that. There’s not much that goes through my head and that would be way too much”

Leishman answered most of the questions thoughtfully and cordially as he often does, but one question towards the end of the media availability threw the Aussie for a loop.

Apropos of nothing, the question came, “do you know what you don’t know?”

Leishman, understandably flummoxed, checked a few times to see if he had misheard the reporter, but after confirming that he was indeed asked if he knew what he didn’t know, Leishman offered simply, “No.”

Despite his earlier answer that not much goes through his head, Leishman was left undoubtedly thinking about what he doesn’t know after leaving the press conference.