Tour Pro Hilariously Roasts Fans’ Swings

Professional athletes on social media, by and large, have gone the way of public relations.

You’re not likely to see opinions or comments that could be deemed even remotely controversial sent from of the accounts of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy or Dustin Johnson, for instance, and that’s why guys like Max Homa, Eddie Pepperrell and even Phil Mickelson are so popular online.

Homa has gained momentum on social for his witty and conversational banter on the medium with fans, media and peers alike. This week, however, may have been his greatest hour. Engaging with a fan, as he is wont to do, Homa was asked to critique a fan’s swing in Gordon Ramsey-like fashion, which means brutally honest without regard for the potential of hurt feelings. 

Homa delivered.

While it was a rather innocuous beginning, the fan’s assertion that “this could become a hilarious trend” took hold, and Homa’s been roasting amateur swings for the past 48 hours straight

Here are some of the highlights:

Never change, Max.