Michigan Coach Harbaugh Calls Out Chamblee

One of the most polarizing men in golf is crossing over to become one of the most polarizing men in sports.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee — simply an utterance of his name typically results in some kind of reaction — has been at the forefront of golf’s biggest championships. 

Chamblee Eats Crow After Koepka Wins PGA

The outspoken Texan has been making headlines for years for his hardline opinions that oftentimes don’t jibe with the gentlemanly nature of the sport he covers. In a game that asks its independently-contracted competitors to appease media requests, Chamblee bucks the trend with his well-researched criticism. 

From professional golfers choosing to compete in the controversial European Tour stop in Saudi Arabia earlier this year to his most recent skeptical muse, now-four-time major champion Brooks Kopeka, Chamblee’s opinions and perceived slights are transcending into the mainstream.

Need an example? How about University of Michigan head football Jim Harbaugh, who in the aftermath of Koepka’s victory at the PGA Championship this past Sunday took the opportunity to criticize Chamblee in his congratulatory tweet to Koepka.

“Crossing the line to question a man’s toughness,” Harbaugh wrote. “Especially when questioner @chambleebrandel has been cut in 4/4 PGA championship appearances while questioning man @BKoepka who had won PGA championship, now back to back & 4 out of last 8 majors. #koepka.” 

Never one to back down from a confrontation, Chamblee fired back. 

“Sound logic coach,” Chamblee responded, “but you know Lombardi didn’t have much of a pro football playing record & knew a fair bit abt the game, same w/ Gruden(I could go on)& somehow Romo who didn’t win a Super Bowl managed to talk knowledgeably about it. How is that?

“Perhaps passion for the game.”

Chamblee Doubles Down After Koepka Criticism

While Chamblee’s passion for the game is unquestioned — he’s grinding his way back into a potential return on the PGA Tour Champions after years in the studio — his opinions have the ability to create conversation and evoke opinions like few others in the game of golf.

Love him or hate him, Brandel Chamblee is doing exactly what he’s being paid to do.