Miller ‘Wasn’t Convinced’ Tiger Was Going To Play

The most anticipated return in golf was canceled on Monday when Tiger Woods officially withdrew from the season-opening Safeway Open. The decision came as a surprise to most golf fans who were eagerly awaiting Tiger’s return to form. One man the move didn’t surprise, however, was tournament host and NBC analyst Johnny Miller.

Joining the Golf Channel team in the tower on Thursday of the tournament, Miller explained that until Tiger put a tee in the ground on the first tee, he wasn’t going to count his chickens before they hatched. Miller’s reasoning didn’t jive with the “vulnerable” state of Woods’ game, as his press release stated; instead, Miller saw some things a few weeks earlier at the Ryder Cup that gave him pause.

“You know, he was getting out of that cart pretty gingerly (at the Ryder Cup). Nobody talked about that. When he got in and out of that cart, he was a little — he didn’t look like he was jumping out and saying, ‘Hi, guys.’ So I’m not so sure how healthy he really is.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying that.”

Saying something he “probably shouldn’t be saying” is exactly what makes Johnny Miller who he is.



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