Tour Pro’s Car Bursts Into Flames On Highway

Professional golf isn’t all million-dollar checks and private jets. For the vast majority of professional golfers — especially those plying their trade on the mini-tours around the country and the world — chasing their dream requires a lot of sacrifice and time spent traveling to far-flung locales. 

That is the current state of Willie Mack III, a PGA Tour Latinoamerica player. For many mini-tour pros, their cars are their most valued possession and the only way they have to get from event to event.

On Friday, just days after taking his car into the shop to have his engine replaced under a warranty recall, the 30-year-old Mack III’s car randomly shut off while he was going full speed down the highway. Able to pull off to the side of the road safely, Mack III remained in his car and began to attempt to call for help when another driver pulled over to tell him that there were flames coming from underneath his car.

Mack did what any pro golfer would do: he popped the trunk and got his clubs out. However, by the time he was able to set his clubs down a safe distance from the vehicle, it burst into flames, robbing him of his primary mode of transportation as well as much of his personal belongings.

Luckily, Mack and his clubs were safe, but many of his golfing possessions, which, like many mini-tour players, he kept in his vehicle were engulfed. 

Fellow pro Doug Smith started a GoFundMe in Mack III’s name in an attempt to get his friend back on his feet and competing at the highest level. As of this writing, nearly $3,000 of the $5,000 goal had been reached and clothing outfitter Peter Millar has pledged to outfit Mack III in the coming weeks and months, according to 

If you’d like to help Mack III out with a donation, you can give to his GoFundMe page here.