Most Annoying Playing Partner Ever?

Forget about the fact that Hideki Matsuyama may be the hottest player on the planet right. Forget that he has won four of his last five tournament starts and that the only one he didn’t win was a second-place finish. Forget that he’s jumped to sixth in the Official World Golf Rankings and has ascended to own the moniker of Best Player Never to Win a Major.

Forget all of that, and imagine playing alongside Matsuyama for 18 holes. As evidenced by the terrific Skratch video above, even his misses put him in birdie range. Contact, then the club flails and he’s distraught, only to see his ball end up inside 15 or 20 feet of the hole. Sure, he may be the best player on the planet right now, but he could also be the most annoying playing partner as well. 


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