Oklahoma Golf Team Plays Hilarious Prank On Freshman

The University of Oklahoma is ranked second in the Golfweek Bushnell Coaches’ Poll, so you know their team is chock-full of stud golfers.

This fact is important because the setup for a prank the team and coaches pulled on freshman Patrick Welch at Scottsdale National’s “Bad Little Nine” par-3 course earlier this week would require a certain amount of variables to work out properly.

First and foremost, the cross-handed Welch has to hit a decent shot — that’s where being a stud golfer comes in handy. Secondly, the sell needs to be coordinated and believable. 

In Arizona for the National Invitational Tournament in Tuscon, the Sooners took a fun trip around PXG founder Bob Parson’s extreme par-3 course where the players and coaches decided it would be fun to trick Welch into thinking he hit an ace on a difficult and blind par-3.

In the end, the prank played out almost too perfectly as Welch spun back his approach and it barely missed the cup. As head coach Ryan Hybl said, “the sell” was almost too good as the ball nearly fell in the cup.