Patrick Cantlay Responds To Slow Play Criticism At Masters

The final round of the Masters took nearly five hours in twosomes, and Brooks Koepka was not the least bit happy. Koepka and Masters champion Jon Rahm are known to not dawdle when it comes to golf.

“The group in front of us was brutally slow,” Koepka said. “Jon went to the bathroom like seven times during the round, and we were still waiting.”

Patrick Cantlay and Viktor Hovland were in the group in front. Cantlay on Tuesday said Koepka and Rahm weren’t the only ones waiting.

“We finished the first hole, and the group in front of us was on the second tee when we walked up to the second tee, and we waited all day on pretty much every shot,” Cantlay said at the RBC Heritage. “We waited in 15 fairway, we waited in 18 fairway. I imagine it was slow for everyone.”

Anecdotally, the pace of play is becoming a leading topic again. There was one stretch where the PGA Tour did not make the 36-hole cut until Saturday (except for events with multiple courses) from November at Mayakoba until the middle of March.

“When you play a golf course like Augusta National where all the hole locations are on lots of slope and the greens are really fast, it’s just going to take longer and longer to hole out,” Cantlay said. “I think that may have been what attributed to some of the slow play on Sunday, and then also when the wind is gusting and the wind is blowing maybe inconsistently, that’s when guys will take a long time, too.”