Patrick Reed Destroys A Drone

Golf has a way making people want to aim at whatever object is in front of them and inflict the most damage possible. Most of the time it’s the range cart, but when you’re a professional like Patrick Reed, it’s a drone.

In a recent shoot produced by Golf Digest, Reed attempted to knock a drone out of the sky while answering some rapid-fire questions.

We learned his role model growing up was Tiger (he wears red every Sunday), his favorite food is a steak (specifically tomahawk ribeye with a side of mac and cheese) and the one course he’d play for the rest of his life is Pebble Beach.

When asked what the best vacation spot he’s been is, in classic Reed fashion he responded, “I don’t go on vacation…vacation comes to me.”

Oh yeah, he also drilled the drone with a 4-iron. Just another mission accomplished for this American sniper.

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