Patrick Reed Smashes NYSE Gavel To Pieces

Patrick Reed shut down the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday in the most Patrick Reed way possible.

With The Barclays at Bethpage Black this week, players are taking full advantage of perks I’ll never have the chance to get around New York City. On Monday, Spieth lit up the Empire State Building and was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon attempting his patented marshmallow trick shot.

Tuesday it was Patrick’s turn. Reed had the honor of performing the traditional gavel bang at the New York Stock Exchange, which signifies the close of the day’s trading. People have been doing it for years. He did it better.

On his third pass, Reed snapped the head clean off and it sailed into the “gallery.” 

He dropped the hammer, literally. Here’s the CNBC footage:

If you recall, this the same man who shushed the entire European Union during the Ryder Cup. Reed may call the gavel incident an accident, but others view it as intimidation.

Fair to say Mr. Reed’s portfolio is probably also strong to quite strong.


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