Tour Investigating DeChambeau’s Compass Use

Bryson DeChambeau is no stranger to controversy. The former U.S. Amateur, NCAA Individual and more recently, Memorial Tournament champion has dealt with his fair share of doubters and critics in his short time in the public eye. 


From his unconventional single-length irons to his uber-analytical approach to the game and his brief stint with a non-conforming face-on putter, DeChambeau is keeping the ruling bodies of golf on their toes. He fanned the fire once again at the Travelers Championship by doing something he says he’s been doing for years: using a compass to map “true pin locations.” 


Rules officials approached DeChambeau on the range following his third round to let him know they were looking into the legality of using a compass during competition, but that regardless of their findings, nothing would be done retroactively.

“They said, ‘Hey, we just want to let you know that we’re investigating the device and seeing if it’s allowable,'” DeChambeau said. “I understand. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

“It’s a compass. It’s been used for a long, long time. Sailors use it. People are saying it’s an unusual device, that’s at least what the Tour’s saying. It’s just funny that people take notice when I start putting and playing well.”


Sailors and golfers are not often compared, but thinking outside of the box is nothing new for the physics major from SMU. Never one to take anything at face value, the reason for DeChambeau employing the compass is simple.

“I’m figuring out the true pin locations,” he said. “The pin locations are just a little bit off every once in a while, and so I’m making sure they’re in the exact right spot. And that’s it.”