PGA Tour Unveils New Shorts Policy

PGA Tour players will have the option to wear shorts during practice rounds and pro-ams if they so choose thanks to a new policy change that will take effect across all six Tour-operated circuits this week.

The shorts must be “knee length, tailored and neat in appearance,” according to the notice that has been posted in Tour lockerrooms around the world this week.

The change comes three years after the European Tour officially granted the same option to its members. It’s also become the norm at the PGA Championship over the past few seasons.

Newly-elected Player Advisory Board co-chairman James Hahn announced the new policy in video form on his social media accounts.

Don’t let the finished product above fool you, Hahn and Harold Varner III aren’t one-take wonders. Varner made sure the world knew that when he posted the blooper reel shortly after Hahn’s video went live.

The push for shorts on Tour usually only surfaces a few times per year when temperatures reach triple digits, but with the option, you can expect a few players to embrace the change.

Chief among them? Phil Mickelson.