Mickelson Prepping For Ryder Cup As Only He Can

Athletes employ a myriad of different ways to prepare themselves for their craft. While Brooks Koepka likes to take part in jaw-dropping workout before the final round of a major championship, others like to go the other way and take a nap. 

Phil Mickelson, however, is a completely different story. Always one to defy convention, Mickelson posted to Twitter earlier this week that his unique Ryder Cup preparation includes heading to the gun range. Not only a gun range, a long-range sniper rifle range.

“How is today’s long-range sniper shooting preparing me for the Ryder Cup?” Mickelson asked rhetorically. “Meditation, controlling my thoughts, breathing, heart rate and connecting with the target are critical for both!”

Mickelson even added his own commentary for the shot.

“1,250 yards, slight crosswind,” he said before drawing in a slow breath. “Nailed it.”

If that doesn’t strike the fear of Phil into the Europeans ahead of the Ryder Cup in two weeks in Paris, we don’t know what will.