Phil More Concerned About Bubba Backlash Than Kuchar

Phil Mickelson is relatively new to the whole social media circus, so when he decided to start taking a few light-hearted jabs at fellow PGA Tour pros, he was careful who he made his marks.

Most notably in recent weeks, Mickelson has gone after Matt Kuchar and Bubba Watson, posting videos poking fun at each of them. However, only one of those two men strikes the kind of fear into Mickelson that he would get pre-approval before putting them on blast.

Bubba Says Phil Has “Worst Body On Tour”

Speaking to SiriusXM’s Katrek and Maginnes on Tap at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship media day on Monday, Mickelson explained his recent foray into social media and why he felt the need to reach out to Watson before posting his relatively harmless video.

“I’m more worried about Bubba Watson, because Bubba knows how to use this platform better than I do,” Mickelson said. “I got that video okayed by him before I put it out because I’m sensitive to stuff like that. So I sent it to him, I said, ‘Hey dude, I’m throwing a little shade your way, are you cool with this?’ And he said, ‘Well that’s not shade, that’s nothing. Bring it, send it.”

As for his Kuchar dig coming down Magnolia Lane? Mickelson’s not worried about anything that may or may not be coming his way from Kuchar.

“Matt’s gotten the better of me so many times publicly and privately, that’s like the least of my concerns,” Phil said.

Mickelson Ribs Kuchar In Hilarious Pre-Round Video

Perhaps Mickelson was right to be more concerned about Watson’s return of fire as the two-time Masters champ took a couple of swipes at Mickelson when he appeared on The Dan Patrick Show last week, and then again made light of Mickelson’s asking permission to make fun of him.

With a major championship right around the corner, maybe can expect to see some more social media combat between two of the game’s best left-handed players.