Phil Takes Hilarious Shot At Bubba’s Physique

Phil Mickelson is returning to action at the Wells Fargo Championship this week for his first start since the Masters Tournament earlier this month. 

Mickelson’s return to the PGA Tour has also brought with it the return of Phil’s social media activity, which has been under some (good-natured) fire from fellow multiple-time Masters champion Bubba Watson lately.

Watson said Tiger Woods’ victory at the Masters inspired him to get into the gym and work on his fitness, but not the calf workouts Phil has made famous in recent weeks.

Bubba Mocks Phil With Workout Routine

“Tiger Woods inspired us all, so I’m in the gym in my house this morning,” Watson said. “And Phil Mickelson… calf workouts? ‘Hey look at me, a calf workout.’ That’s not how you hit high bombs.

“It’s the arms, man. Three-pound weights I’m up to now. PGA Championship. High bombs.”

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A @tigerwoods inspired workout this morning… and @philmickelson it’s arms, not calves ?? @pgachampionship #HighBombs #urwelcome

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Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take Phil long to respond to Bubba’s call-out, slipping in a jab of his own at Watson’s expense as he released “Phil Kwan Do Calves: Parts 3, 4 and 5.”

The 5-part series — which Mickelson teased in late March following some photos of his legs going viral in the aftermath of the PGA Tour’s new practice round shorts policy — debuted on March 22 with Part 1, and continued with Part 2 a few days later.

On Monday of Wells Fargo week, Mickelson finished the series with a short video all while masterfully slipping in a shot at Bubba.

“There’s a lot of debate on how to hit bombs,” Mickelson said, looking into the camera. “Is it the arms? Is it the calves? Well, technically you don’t need either. I mean, Bubba Watson hits bombs. But it’s best if you at least have one, and if you are blessed to have both, well, then bombs are a given.”

Mickelson even ended the video with Bubba’s go-to sign-off, “you’re welcome.”