Poulter Claims Fans Verbally Abused Him

Ian Poulter is used to having his fair share of detractors. The club pro-turned-Tour pro has rubbed some people the wrong way for the entirety of his career, none more so than American golf fans who have had their hearts ripped out and stomped on by the Brit in the biennial Ryder Cup. 


Playing at Shinnecock Hills this week in the U.S. Open in front of some of the most raucous crowds in all of golf, Poulter had to have expected to get some brushback from the New York fans, but he didn’t expect the amount of heckling he received over the weekend as he tried to claim his first major championship.

Playing the first 36 holes of the championship in 1-over par, Poulter took to social media on Saturday evening to share his thoughts on the controversial course setup as well as the fans following a 6-over par 76.


“Verbally abused on every hole does get a little old,” he tweeted. “That’s not really golf either. Ryder Cup in 2024 COULD become a little silly, just like today was.”

The fans weren’t the only folks to draw the Englishman’s ire; Poulter joined the chorus who went after the USGA for a dodgy setup.


“I’m not sure I could possibly comment without using words which shouldn’t be seen,” Poulter tweeted. “Why are mistakes still being made at this level? Was that fun to watch, guys?”

He wasn’t done, either. When the USGA sent out a text to the competitors letting them know that tee times and hole locations had been announced for Sunday’s final round, Poulter had one parting shot for American golf’s governing body.

“Did Bozo set the course up or are the USGA going to accept responsibility?” Poulter asked his nearly 2.5 million followers. 

Poulter again struggled on Sunday posting a 5-over par 75 to move him to 12-over par for the tournament, which left him in a tie for 25th place.