Pro DQ’d From Q-School For Brutal Scorecard Mistake

English Tour pro Tom Murray has had a rough past few weeks. The 28-year-old missed out on earning his European Tour card by the slimmest of margins after a full season on the developmental Challenge Tour, but then had an even more brutal fate befall him at the Final Stage of Q-School earlier this week.

Murray was knocked from the 15th and final spot of automatic Tour card qualification at the Challenge Tour’s final event two weeks ago by a mere €604, which breaks down to less than €20 per event over the 31-week season.

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Taking his lumps, Murray headed to Q-School’s final stage, which began this past Saturday. Opening the six-round gauntlet with scores of 66 and 70 to reach 7-under par total — the rounds are contested on both the Red and Blue Courses at Lumine Golf Club in Tarragona, Spain — Murray was well on his way to earning his European Tour card… except there was a problem.

His Monday round of 70 was accurate, but his scorecard had two mistakes on it — one hole had a score that was too high and another had a score that was too low. While the total remained accurate, the incorrect scores on the card resulted in his disqualification.

“My fault completely, but still just as horrible,” Murray tweeted. “Rough end to the season but we will be back stronger.”

It’s been a rough year for young pros attempting to qualify to the big leagues. Murray’s disqualification is the third such DQ already this season, joining fellow European Tour hopeful Gian-Marco Petrozzi and LPGA Tour prospect Doris Chen.