Pro Takes 500 Shots At A Hole-In-One

What kind of odds would you give a Tour pro to make one hole-in-one playing the same hole with an 8-iron 500 times? 

The European Tour challenged Brandon Stone to that task ahead of this week’s NedBank Championship at Gary Player Country Club in Sun City, South Africa. Stone, who has made six aces in his life, had never made one at GPCC, his favorite course on Earth.

After nearly holing somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 shots, but seeing none of them fall, Stone said, “This is by far and away the most frustrating day on a golf course I have ever had.”

In the end, it wasn’t meant to be. After all, that’s how odds work. Just because the liklihood of a professional making a hole-in-one is 2,500-to-1 doesn’t mean that hitting 500 shots shortens those odds — he just has 2,500-to-1 odds 500 times.