Pro: Caddie-Wife Should “Keep Up, Show Up And Shut Up”

Few things can test the strength of a marriage like the game of golf. While some couples can pull it off flawlessly and play golf with one another without so much as a smart remark, others know all too well the contentiousness and frustrations that can come with being alongside a significant other on the course.

This past week at the Wyndham Championship, C.T. Pan, a second-year player on the PGA Tour, was unable to find a local caddie to loop for him in the regular season finale and turned to his wife, Michelle, to handle the bag duties.

While Pan’s T2 finish tied the best of his Tour career, it was an interview he gave to CBS’ Amanda Balionis during Saturday’s weather delay that had married men around the world shaking their heads.

“She doesn’t help me much,” Pan said. “She knows she just needs to keep up, show up and shut up, I guess.”

Pan was clearly speaking tongue-in-cheek when referencing the old caddie adage of show up, keep up and shut up, but it turns out his wife was doing more than that. In a lengthier interview with the PGA Tour, Michelle explained how she was helping Pan to commit to shots and get over poor shots quickly, which ultimately led to him taking home over half of a million dollars.