Pro Slams DeChambeau As “Nut” For Clubs

Bryson DeChambeau’s record speaks for itself: an NCAA individual title, a U.S. Amateur Championship, a Tour win, a European Tour win and five PGA Tour victories — four of which came last season. 

The way he’s gone about notching one of the best records in golf by age 25 has certainly been unique, and as he spoke about on a recent episode of Feherty, not everyone is a fan of his success.

It would appear as if we can count PGA Tour winner Brendon Todd among those not exactly on the Bryson Train. Over the course of a Twitter question-and-answer on Tuesday, Todd responded to a question from a user who asked why more players and club manufacturers aren’t following DeChambeau’s lead towards single-length irons given the success he’s had.

“Because nobody has ever f’in done that until this nut came around,” Todd wrote. “Let’s focus on the million guys who have won on Tour that don’t do this instead of the one who does.”

Todd, who won the 2014 Byron Nelson, is surely entitled to his opinion, but the facts are the DeChambeau’s method have been among the best in the world in recent years, skyrocketing the California native to the top-10 in the world rankings.