Reed Didn’t Drink After Ryder Cup Win For Good Reason

The U.S. celebrated their Ryder Cup victory with – you guessed it – a copious amount of booze. After eight years, did you expect anything different? But for Patrick Reed, it was. The two-time Ryder Cupper and American legend learned a valuable lesson after last year’s Presidents Cup, which he explained on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday.

“Who’s bar tab was bigger; the U.S. or the Europeans?”

“I have no idea. Actually, I didn’t have anything to drink last night, which was shocking,” said Reed. 

His reasoning was logical. “[Last year] I made the mistake at the Presidents Cup to, you know, have a good time with the guys and the next day I could barely pack, I had a headache…you know I’m a lightweight as it is…I was like ‘you know what guys, I’m not doing it this week.’”

“You sound like this without drinking?”

“Yeah because I lost my voice from yelling for my team and everything all week.”

You keep doing you, Patrick. 



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