Reed’s Family Drama Spills Over To Masters Defense

Patrick Reed’s widely-known family drama has infiltrated the headlines this week at Augusta National Golf Club as the 28-year-old attempts to defend his lone major title just minutes from where his estranged mother and father live.

Speaking with The New York Times’ Karen Crouse earlier this week, Reed reported that he has seen his father and sister at a few events over the past year and wouldn’t be at all surprised if they decided to show up once again this week at The Masters.

The schism between Reed and his mother, father and sister began shortly after Reed won his second NCAA National Championship with Augusta State University in 2011, defeating the University of Georgia — where Reed began his college career before leaving unceremoniously. Shortly after leaving school, Reed married his now-wife Justine Karain, a decision that his parents believed was happening too early in his life, according to a report.

For the last six years, Patrick has not spoken to his family and they have never met Reed’s two children , which has resulted in a family drama playing out on the periphery of professional golf. And this week, at the site of his biggest triumph, just six miles from the family home he hasn’t stepped foot in since 2012, Reed is concerned that his family may attempt to come watch him play like they have before.

“I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they show up,” Reed said. “What will I do (if they come to The Masters)? What can I do? Nothing.”

However, this wouldn’t be the first time members of Reed’s immediate family have attempted to watch their alienated son. At the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, Reed’s parents, Bill and Jeannette, were in the gallery and spotted by Reed’s agent. Security officials escorted the pair off the property and confiscated their badges after local law enforcement reported Bill Reed made “intimidating movements” toward Reed’s wife.

“Patrick and Justine Reed had no involvement in this decision,” the USGA told Crouse.

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There hadn’t been any other reported sightings of the estranged Reeds at any other event Patrick played in until last year’s Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. The Tour’s head of security told Reed that his father is welcome to watch golf should he so choose assuming he doesn’t do anything to warrant an ejection.

Reed said he was unaware his father and his sister, Hannah, were watching until the par-4 17th hole when Reed noticed them along the rope line behind the green as he attempted to play his approach shot. 

“I would have called for security to throw them out,” Reed said afterward when asked what would have happened had he seen them earlier. 

The latest family drama occurred last September in Paris as Bill and Hannah made the trek to the Ryder Cup. With the massive amount of people attending the event, Reed said he didn’t see them there, but members of his inner circle did, which made for uncomfortable watching. 

While Reed’s mother remains an adamant supporter of her son on social media, the family’s proximity to Augusta National is just one more distraction the defending champion will have to possibly contend with during the week’s play.

Reed is slated to being his title defense at 10:31 a.m. EST alongside Webb Simpson and Oklahoma State amateur Viktor Hovland.