Pros Hilariously Try to Beat Darkness at PGA


Sometimes you have to take one for the team. On Friday at the PGA Championship, Rod Pampling did just that as darkness fell over Quail Hollow with this hilarious tee shot that was captured with Protracer technology. 

Thanks to an hour and 43-minute weather suspension, not all players were able to complete their second round. However, those that had the chance to get in 36 holes did whatever they needed to do to make sure they didn’t have to come back to play one hole in the morning, especially if they knew they wouldn’t be playing the weekend. 

Under the Rules of Golf, once the horn blows to suspend play for non-threatening reasons, players can finish the hole on which they are playing as long as one person in the group has teed off.

The 47-year-old Aussie, who was 12-over par and had no plans of coming back in the morning, made the executive decision to play the ninth hole, his last of the day. Without even getting set, Pampling gave it a rip and the result was absolutely magnificent. 

“It was the best thing I did all day,” Pampling said. “It was just a case where we had nothing to lose, so I was just getting it off as quick as we could so we could get finished, basically. It didn’t matter, even if I just tipped it off I was doing it.

“Just get it airborne so we could get done. There was no one in the group doing any good, so we were kind of rushing down there just to try to get it in. Thankfully we did.”


As for some of the guys that were in contention, they made plans to ensure they’d be able to finish after the horn sounded.

“We were talking if we can get a tee shot on 18, we could finish the round. And DJ is like, ‘I’ll do it,’” Jason Day said about the plan he and Dustin Johnson drew up while walking down 17. “He hit it to 20 feet [on No. 17]. I’m like, oh, just hopefully he either holes it or hits it stone-dead, and he did.

“As soon as he teed off [on No. 18], you know, we all kind of flushed it down 18. I walked up to him and said, ‘That’s the biggest, or most clutch thing I’ve ever seen anyone do for me,’” Day laughed.

The third round will get under way in groups of three 40 minutes after the conclusion of round two.

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