Rory Shanks Shot Off The Scoreboard

Rory McIlroy is one of the best drivers in the game of golf, but currently, the 4-time major champion is having a hard time getting his wedges close to the hole to take advantage of his driving prowess. 

On display this week at Bellerive for the 100th PGA Championship, McIlroy is putting on a clinic off the tee, but his short irons and putting have betrayed him, leaving him at 2-under par through three rounds and 10 shots back of 54-hole leader Brooks Koepka.

The lowlight of McIlroy’s wedge troubles came between the second and third rounds on Saturday. Having to finish 10 holes on Saturday morning due to a weather delay on Friday, McIlroy faced a 28-hole day. Between his two rounds, McIlroy made his way to the range where he tried to work out his troubles with his wedges only to hit a shank that screamed directly at a giant scoreboard.

McIlroy and the broadcast crew from TNT watched in disbelief as the ball rocketed towards the giant screen and made the familiar clunk noise.

Shanks are a part of the game. Oftentimes, the difference between a shank and a great shot are only millimeters away, but the psychological effect that a hosel rocket can have takes a bigger toll.

Below, Gary Gilchrist explains how he treats the shanks and how you can quickly overcome your affliction.