Watch: Tour Pro Strips Down To Underwear


Life may seem glamorous on the PGA Tour, but for some players, every week is a grind, especially when your paycheck will determine if you are able to put food on the table for your family. The fact is, just because these guys play golf for a living doesn’t mean it’s not a job. Shawn Stefani reminded everyone of that on Friday during the second round of the Honda Classic when he stripped down to his underwear on the sixth hole to play a shot from a water hazard. He was able to splash one out but still made bogey.

“Hopefully, my wife wasn’t disappointed,” Stefani said, according to Golf Channel. “But I was out there fighting for my family. I was fighting to make the cut.”

“If I had taken a drop, I would have had to do it in the rough, 20 or 30 yards back. I would have been hitting a long iron into a green where you can’t stop the ball. All I was trying to do was make the best decision, and I think it was the best play. I fought hard until the end. It’s a tough golf course, but I never quit. I never gave up.”


Unfortunately, he finished two over par missing the cut by two, but he at least he didn’t lose his sense of humor.

“I was wearing Calvin Kleins,” he joked. “Hopefully, I looked good. I’ve been going to the gym.”

While we are on the subject of underwear, who can forget Henrick Stenson’s bold play back in 2009 at Doral. Look at that shirt tan…and they say golfers aren’t athletes! 

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