2017 Anonymous PGA Tour Player Poll Released


Another year of the PGA Tour, another anonymous poll asking the hard-hitting questions. Sports Illustrated/GOLF.com released their annual anonymous player poll for the 2017 season, in which 50 pros gave their unfiltered opinions on a bunch of the game’s hottest topics, including pace of play, disciplinary actions, and the most important of all, Rory’s gym habits. Here’s a small sampling of the 31 total questions asked to the world’s best players.

Who has the best short game on Tour?

Phil Mickelson: 26%
Jordan Spieth: 8%
Patrick Reed: 8%
Aaron Baddeley: 8%
Jason Day: 6%
Me: 6%
Freddie Jacobsen: 4%
Don’t know/other: 34%

If there was any doubt who has the best short game, there shouldn’t be. Flop Shot Phil checked in at a whopping 26%, with the next best at 8%. We’re just going to assume the 6% that said “me” was Phil voting for himself as well.

Should the PGA Tour publicize its disciplinary actions against players?

No: 56%
Yes: 40%
Don’t know: 4%

Another highly scrutinized topic on Tour is their disciplinary policy which is usually kept out of the public eye. Apparently, the players themselves have varying opinions, but it appears the majority still would like to keep it private. As one pro put it, “No. We have the public’s trust. Why mess with that?”


Who’s the fastest player on Tour?

Matt Every: 18%
Me: 18%
Matt Jones: 14%
Bill Haas: 8%
Colt Knost: 6%
Dustin Johnson: 4%
Other: 18%
Don’t know/no comment: 14%

Two-time Bay Hill winner Matt Every takes home fastest player on Tour….

And the slowest?

Ben Crane: 21%
Kevin Na: 17%
Jason Day: 11%
Jordan Spieth: 8%
Andrew Loupe: 4%
Other: 19%
Don’t know/no comment: 20%

And to nobody’s surprise Ben Crane takes home the award for slowest player. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Day and Spieth on this list, although they tend to be in the final groups on most Sundays.

Does Rory lift too much?

No: 66%
Yes: 22%
Don’t know/no comment: 12%

The people have spoken! According to one pro in Rory’s corner, “No. Brandel Chamblee talks too much.”



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