Snedeker Calls Penalty On His Son

Golf is the game of a lifetime and one that can teach every participant, regardless of age, some valuable lessons in the process.

Take, for instance, Brandt Snedeker’s young son, Austin, who was playing in his first competitive golf round ever at a Tennessee Golf Association tournament.

Naturally, when you have a nine-time PGA Tour winner who answers to “Dad” at home, you lock him up for the caddying gig. As it turned out, Austin learned a lesson in the Rules of Golf on his very first hole.

“Didn’t take me long to get fired as a caddy… 5 holes,” Snedeker captioned a photo of he and his son on Twitter. “Called a penalty on my little man on his 1st competitive hole ever!!! Cheat in golf, cheat in life.

“Proud of him, took it like a champ. Had a blast, hope I can win him back over.”

Austin Snedeker will be sure to remember that first round penalty stroke, but we’re guessing he’ll be willing to give his dad another shot at the loop in the future.