Spieth Shows Off Mangled Fingers On DP Show

The popular and nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Show was on site this week on the back of the Pebble Beach driving range thanks in large part to the show’s simulcast on AT&T-owned DirecTV. 

With the show’s proximity to the event, various pros and celebrities taking part in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am have made the trip to the back of the range to appear as guests on the program. And naturally, the convolution of events brought AT&T ambassador Jordan Spieth to the set.

During his sit-down, Spieth talked everything from his childhood baseball ambitions to funky smells on the course to the time beat Tom Brady on the 18th hole at Augusta National. 

However, the most surprising moment of the entire interview came afterward when Spieth headed out onto the range with Patrick and his four producers to give them the one tip that would make every amateur golfer better.

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“They need to hit more club into greens,” Spieth said of amateurs. “What I see a lot is someone will hit a 7-iron on the range and it’ll go 180 yards, so they just assume they’re going to hit the 7-iron 180 yards every time they hit it.

“They’ll get on the course, they’ll have 180 yards and pull a 7-iron and come up short of the green because they’re contact is not as consistent as ours is. When you mishit it off the heel, toe, thin, fat, whatever it is, it knocks 10-15 yards off the ball, so if you just hit more club, swing a little easier, you have better chance at better contact.”

Sound advice, but not exactly earth-shattering. What happened next is what has drawn some national attention. 

As Spieth continued to explain how pros are constantly working on their fundamentals, Patrick noticed something — Spieth’s mangled hands.

“How banged up are your hands?” he asked. “Good God, it’s golf.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty banged up,” Spieth said. “Like I said, I’ve been trying to trend the right way, so I’ve been grinding a little bit.”

Asked if he had some grip pressure issues, Spieth explained that he employs a bit of an unorthodox grip that results in the callouses on his hands. 

You can watch the entirety of Spieth’s appearance on the Dan Patrick Show below.